Thursday, April 7, 2016

Community Prayer Walk

This event was NEW to our community. We met on May 1, 2016 at Hillside UMC at 4pm. There were twenty people from the 3 churches present. The weather kept us from walking the areas, so we split up into 8 different vehicles and drove through the Hanover, Horton and Lake areas of our community. A list of prayers were attached to the map, so we could all be praying the same requests over our community.

It took about an hour, and then we returned to Hillside for a pizza meal together. Everyone had an amazing time of fellowship while accomplishing something very important to us....prayer coverage for our community.

The decision was made to have this event happen 2 times a year...the first Sunday of both May and  November.

all 3 churches had the event on the outdoor sign....we are believing that loving, serving and praying for our community is what God desires for His church to do.


  1. I was sad that our family missed this event but I am excited about having it 2 times a year! Thank you (Pastors Wendy, Pat & Christ) for putting so much effort into making this happen!

  2. I thought that this event was WONDERFUL! It was a quick drive and I enjoyed going through the country roads (even though my car got TOTALLY, but it was worth it).

    By covering the community in prayer we can expect God to move and perform many wonderful things in the community that we may never see or experience directly.

    1. Car... totally dirty... Missed that one before posting. :)

  3. Prayer is POWERFUL! It was GREAT standing with other churches in prayer for the change we want to see in our community!

  4. This was a very powerful experience! And what a blessing to be able to support our community this way!

  5. The fellowship we enjoyed while holding our community up in prayer was exciting! What a blessed way to spend a Sunday--with other believers unified in prayer. PTL!

  6. What an amazing and blessed way to spend my Sunday evening!!

  7. I didn't know what to expect which I think was the whole joy of it! I teamed up w/ Liz so we had 2 different churches represented in my car n we prayed for the the lake homes :) Immediately it was felt how powerful this act was n we both mentioned to each other this feeling. Sharing this experience w another sister in Christ n then coming together for the pizza n fellowship afterwards was such an amazing experience. To see all the smiles to hear about the specific areas prayed over just made for a complete n unified sensation. TY to Wendy, Pat n Chris for being the Pastor's to have this vision of Unity in the Community!!!