Thursday, April 7, 2016

CHRISTmas Eve Services

We did not do a combined service for Christmas eve, but this year we made sure that we offered 3 different unique times to the folks of our community.

Horton Congregational  6:30pm
Hillside UMC                 7:00pm
HHCC                           11:00pm

The members of our congregations were encouraged to attend whichever service fit into their Christmas plans.

For HHCC, it was the first time a 11:00pm service had ever been done, and there was a great turnout!


  1. Our kids favorite part was that they got to wear pj's to church and worship at the same time :) They enjoyed having cookies and hot chocolate too :) It was a huge success :)

    1. PJ's!! that is so awesome Brigett, first i heard of that :) Sorry I missed it!!

  2. Janice and I came to the service and I can say that that the service was great! I loved that we gathered in the front of the sanctuary in a circle and shared God's light with the lit candles. For me personally I thought that the circle of lit candles represented the light and love of God has for us and that it always encircles us and goes on forever.

  3. i really enjoyed this service. You could feel God's presence during the entire service. God is GOOD!