Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lunch in the Park

We were made aware of a concern about the children of Hanover needing lunch during the summer. HHCC served the first meal on Wednesday June 10, 2015. We served 25 children. The following week we served over 50 children. We then approached Hillside UMC and Horton Congregational and they immediately agreed to take a day of the week as well. We also had a ladies Bible study group from the lake area join in and take a day. The lunch program for Hanover-Horton Schools was approached, and for the remainder of the summer of 2015, over 2,500 meals were served to the children of Hanover.

In addition to the lunch, we either did a craft with the kids or played games, always finishing with a homemade dessert.

There were many blessings from this ministry:
* the park was filled with families, every single day of the week
* children could play with their friends all summer long
* the atmosphere of Hanover became lighter, filled with joy and laughter
* and a local business - LOMAR answered the plea and donated some much needed picnic tables, so all the children had a place to sit together under the pavilion area 


  1. God works in AMAZING ways when he gives you ideas! I love that Pastor Wendy got this straight from God! This was the 1st of many days that the kids of Hanover were feed ALL summer. God made this happen on such an eye-opening level!
    All 3 churches and a women's Bible study took this to an astounding level by bringing treats, crafts, bubbles and chalk. Jesus Loves You was wrote many, many times on that playground :) I can't wait to be apart of it again this summer!

  2. My children and I had a chance to serve lunch many times last summer. I love that God moved the hearts of my children to want to serve other kids! I'm looking forward to participating this summer as well.

  3. The need in our community (and across our nation) is staggering at times. It was truly a blessing to be part of this program last summer. We had a few members of our church "adopt" it as their own, and were there most weeks all summer long. The kids were so courteous and grateful--and it was a pleasure to help with serving these meals. Pastor Wendy knew it would be a big challenge to orchestrate serving 40-80 children 5 days/week, but she also knew the Lord would handle the details. It's exciting knowing this program will continue throughout the summer of 2016.