Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Community Praise and Prayer

On Friday, May 13, 2016 the doors will open at HHCC at 8am. Praise music will be playing all day long, and individual prayer (with prayers provided if necessary) is encouraged. This event will go until 8pm. Our hope is to continue to usher in the importance of unity in our community, by praying for all aspects of our area: the people, the land, the businesses, the churches, and the schools.

Join us for 5 minutes or 5 hours, light snacks and drinks will be available all day.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Community Prayer Walk

This event was NEW to our community. We met on May 1, 2016 at Hillside UMC at 4pm. There were twenty people from the 3 churches present. The weather kept us from walking the areas, so we split up into 8 different vehicles and drove through the Hanover, Horton and Lake areas of our community. A list of prayers were attached to the map, so we could all be praying the same requests over our community.

It took about an hour, and then we returned to Hillside for a pizza meal together. Everyone had an amazing time of fellowship while accomplishing something very important to us....prayer coverage for our community.

The decision was made to have this event happen 2 times a year...the first Sunday of both May and  November.

all 3 churches had the event on the outdoor sign....we are believing that loving, serving and praying for our community is what God desires for His church to do.

Vacation Bible School - 2016

This NEW idea of having all 3 churches do 1 BIG Vacation Bible School has been in the works since December 2015. We have had a couple of meetings with the 3 pastors and the respective VBS director from each church. We are now ready to get all the TEAMS together (Craft, Storytelling, Science, and Games) and brainstorm ideas.

The Heritage Park in downtown Hanover has graciously agreed to host this event. We are hoping that this location will be easier for the children to get to, as the 3 churches are on the outskirts of town.

Our first meeting with the ENTIRE staff on April 12, 2016 went wonderfully. Over 25 people were present from all 3 churches. The specific tasks were assigned and we are moving forward to our next meeting on June 6, 2016.

Good Friday Service

This community event has been consistently happening for over 10 years. Actually, this was the only time that all of the churches from many denominations came together in our area. On March 25, 2016 we held the Community Good Friday service at Concord UMC. There were 8 churches represented within the program, and maybe more within the congregation. It was well attended, and HHCC, Hillside UMC, and Horton Congregational all took a part in the service.

New Years Day Service

This was a brand NEW event to our community. New Years day this year fell on a Friday, and we could think of no better way to start off 2016 than being in church together. All 3 churches participated in the actual service held at HHCC. It was well attended and in total, 8 churches were actually represented. Hillside UMC read the scripture, Horton Congregational did the intercessory prayer, and HHCC did the message entitled "UNITY in our community"!

Here is the link ....

CHRISTmas Eve Services

We did not do a combined service for Christmas eve, but this year we made sure that we offered 3 different unique times to the folks of our community.

Horton Congregational  6:30pm
Hillside UMC                 7:00pm
HHCC                           11:00pm

The members of our congregations were encouraged to attend whichever service fit into their Christmas plans.

For HHCC, it was the first time a 11:00pm service had ever been done, and there was a great turnout!

Pantry Walk

The Hanover-Horton area food pantry is located at Hillside UMC. All 3 churches support this pantry with finances and by helping stock, and serve. On October 4, 2015, all 3 churches got together to do a PANTRY WALK. This consisted of "walkers" getting sponsors to support them for walking. At the completion of the walk HHCC served lunch, there was a great deal of fun and fellowship. Collectively, we raised over $1,800 to help meet the needs of the pantry!