Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Community Bible Study

Horton Congregational and Hillside UMC approached HHCC at the end of spring 2015 to have a bible study that not only included all three churches, but was opened to the community as well. The first one started on July 7, 2015 using the book by Jefferson Bethke "God > Religion" and was attended by 6 different churches and over 30 people.

With all the excitement from the original bible study, several more classes took place in the fall, and winter of 2015. The last one ending in March 2016.

New ideas are in the works for this summers bible study, and we continue to look forward to growing in community with one another while we study the word of God together.

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  1. God placed this idea on Jeff Heath's heart, and he followed through to get it started. We never dreamed how big it would be--how well attended--the very first year. Jefferson Bethke's book generated great discussions about Jesus. No matter our religious differences, we all worship the same God and profess our belief in Jesus Christ. In the end, that's really all that matters:)